Monday, February 26, 2007

First Post! PuppetMania . . .

Well, boys and girls . . . this is the first post in my blog, and what is it about? Puppets! Hey, the title *is* "From Puppets to The Moon"; gotta start where the title suggests.

It's truly a puppet sweatshop at my house. We've got a few puppets already, and I have to make more, for the puppet class as well as the upcoming auditions for our next show: The Great Puppet Musical! I am SO Excited. And so are our new castmembers (whom I happened to make all by my own self--mostly).

Here are a few of the fabricated actors you might see onstage soon:

This is Poodle. He is not actually a poodle. But that just seemed like his name. He seems very curious. What's he looking at?

Made on the Un-Scripted retreat this year, we present Twitchy MacPhee. He's an ornery Scotsman, made out of a tube sock and some bright orange ping pong balls. He'd be naked if Amber didn't make him a kilt. But he's naked underneath it, ladies. Point of pride: his awesome mustache.

Evelyn, definitively a girl. Though without the eyelashes, donated by my ballroom-dancer roommate, she looked more like Jerry Seinfeld. Sometimes it's hard to be a girl.

Marcel came with us to the SF Improv Festival last year, where we did You Bet Your Improvisor. He's a sassy one, that Marcel. And definitely a hit with the ladies.

More forthcoming . . . as well as some construction pictures. It's quite a mess in here, I tell ya.

Close encounters of the puppet kind . . .

Thanks to Heraldo Botelho for taking photos of Twitchy, Evelyn, and Poodle. Thanks to Shaun Landry for her photo of Marcel at the SFIF.