Friday, March 23, 2007

Foam, foam, foam, foam-- Thanks, Bob!

Have you ever seen so much awesome foam?

I didn't think so.

Thank you to Bob's Foam Factory in Fremont, who generously donated a whole lot of polyurethane foam that will go towards making new puppets. Bob himself picked it out for us.

Upon visiting their factory floor and seeing all the huge blocks of foam, I was . . . a little overexcited. The dude who cut the foam for me (on the huge foam cutter machine) said with a skeptical sidelong look, "Ummm . . . so, you never seen foam before?" "Errr, well, just not so much of it," I replied sheepishly. Baaaa. Plus, they had the largest bandsaw I've ever seen. The table was the size of our frickin' dining room. Neat-O.

Filling up my trunk . . .

Filling up my backseat . . .

Filling up half our dance/craft area. Sorry, Deb. :o)

Who loves foam? Oh wait, it's me. And Bob.